Exploring Dining Options In Denver

For those who are visiting Denver the fact that the city has a number of world class dining establishments may come as a surprise but Denver is rapidly building a reputation for proving some of the most exciting dining options in the United States.

Before we list some of the greatest dining destinations in Denver it is worth noting that the city has gained fame for its Green Chili – and rightly so. The ‘Mile High’ city has two great destinations that are well worth exploring for those who want to find out why the Chili dishes in this city will always have visitors coming back for seconds.

The first of these is Sam’s No. 3. At this great restaurant there are a variety of different options for the chili lover as well as a great selection of Mexican inspired and classic American diner style dishes. At this family owned operation the inspiration for the cuisine comes straight from Mexico City. Patrons can choose to dine in the tastefully decorated main dining area or can choose the al fresco option. The extensive menu has every meal that lovers of Mexican cuisine could possible want. The chili is especially noteworthy.

However, putting aside chili for the moment there are many other choices for those who want to get under the skin of Denver’s tastes.

For those who want to experience contemporary French cuisine with a modern twist a visit to Morin is one that will pay huge dividends. It is the ideal venue to visit for those who want to experience small plates where the varied textures and tastes of the chef’s creations can be explored as they should be – with a variety of dishes that span anything from oyster mousse to a desert variety that will satisfy even the most jaded of palates.

For those who want to explore Middle Eastern cuisine then booking a table at Safta where one can enjoy Israeli inspired dishes from a James Beard award winner. The hummus which forms a foundation for a lamb ragu redolent with the flavors of the middle East is only one of the menu highlights.

If you are into deli style food – especially a pastrami sandwich then stop of at Leven. Here the in house amde pastrami can rival anything from New York. However,there are numerous other choices which will not leave the sandwich lover disappointed.

When in Denver set aside some downtime to explore the dining scene – you’ll be glad you did.